And Now, An Introduction

“Let me zap you with some knowledge.”

Phase I- This website, or blog or workspace or whatever you want to call it, is going to be my tool where I will freely flex and expand my thoughts as much as possible. I’ve gone through a lot of phases in my life, but trying to express all aspects of my identity is something I’ve always wanted to do. And though this won’t be perfect, I believe it’ll be a good starting point.

Phase II- Expressing the life thoughts that have plagued my psyche on the daily. We’ll see how often I post to it, encouragement is encouraged.

Daily Thoughts: Where to go for extended writing on the thoughts and shit I have. Casual topics. Informal. There will be links to these blog style posts on the page itself. Just look for title-looking links.

Writing Pieces: Where to go for fully developed pieces: short stories, poems, or articles. Formal.