And Now, An Introduction

“Let me zap you with some knowledge.”

So before anyone reads too much into what is posted on this site, it’s important to understand what it is I’m trying to accomplish.

This website, or blog or workspace or whatever you want to call it, is going to be my tool where I will freely flex and expand my thoughts as much as possible. I’ve gone through a lot of phases in my life, but trying to express all aspects of my identity is something I’ve always wanted to do. And though this won’t be perfect, I believe it’ll be a good starting point.

Most of my pieces will probably read as an extremely extended stream of consciousness, but I’ll try to keep it as refined and comprehensive as possible. Being all from my perspective, I’ll try to be as sensitive of the views of others, and if I talk about anything controversial then I’ll naturally explain myself as much as I can. If there’s anything that you think may need clarification, or you want something with just more explanation, then please let me know.

That being said, I would like for this to be as interactive as possible, so even if you have writing prompts that you would want to share with me, then I’d love to take a swing at it as well.

Daily Thoughts: Where to go for extended writing on the thoughts and shit I have. Casual topics. Informal. There will be links to these blog style posts on the page itself. Just look for title-looking links.

Writing Pieces: Where to go for fully developed pieces: short stories, poems, or articles. Formal.