What My Tattoo Means

I have a tattoo and I plan on getting more. Which seems to be the mentality with all people who have tattoos… Didn’t learn that until minutes after I got it… But I have this tattoo and I have it for multiple reasons.

If you’re curious as what made “OW” attractive to me in the first place, it was truthfully the thought, “OW, because it hurts.” That exact phrase came to my mind and I thought it was hilarious and I’m not ashamed about it at all.

While I’m still not, I don’t deny that it hurts a little when I see or hear the disappointment in people who think that tattoos necessarily need to be serious, or that I should be more serious about myself. I honestly think I’m a pretty serious person a good amount of time, but for some reason my tattoo isn’t viewed as that. I’ve always considered tattoos as any other piece of artwork, both an extension of the artist and a reflection or statement of their choosing. I like to think I know myself pretty well, and I think being sarcastic and light about something that shouldn’t, but is often, considered serious is pretty in line with my nature as a person. Whether I like it or not.

But, every piece of art has multiple meanings and interpretations. I consider my tattoos to be the same, and I find great joy and novelty in things that remain the same but can be taken differently. So, naturally, I have more than one meaning to “OW” that has changed with my thoughts and experiences over time, and I expect that I will create more meanings out of it the longer it’s on me.

I know that some things don’t need to be taken very seriously though, so I’ve been thinking about getting other tattoos for pure aesthetic purposes. Perhaps I will get them some day soon, but we’ll see.

I will continue to collect tattoos and objects that I think reflect aspects of myself. That’s the goal, really. Just expression. Every person has more than one side to their personality, and I think that it’s necessary, as well as fun, to learn and be okay with all of these sides. I know my objects will serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come and how I’ve changed, as well as whatever cruelties in life I know to be weary of. Everything from clothing to swords to albums is what I mean by this, and I can’t wait to build myself up so that everything with me has a story behind it in some fashion, and isn’t just considered stuff that’s useless.

I suppose that can be called narcissism or sentimentality or whatever individualistic western trait you want to call it, but I’m just trying to learn and be myself.

Where’s the “Love yourself! Express yourself!” guy when you need him.?


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