Dear Ms. Von Pappenheim

You know I’m a fan of your finsta, it’s pretty golden.

That’s actually why I decided to write a letter to you; I’ve been following your finsta since you conceived it, and I was really honored that you let me, I even shared with you my surprise. And as I follow it now, I start to think of how shitty it is that we weren’t able to work out in any other way. Our timing, and the alignment we found ourselves in when we started talking, just couldn’t have been more off. And I still kick myself a little whenever I see a new picture you post.

Honestly, I think you’re just absolutely beautiful. I compared your singing to that of a Siren the first time I heard it, and I always will. I don’t even care if you lure other men to their deaths, I’m just lucky to have been enamored by you.

Like seriously, shall I compare thee to a summers day? I could easily melt for you, but it’s not often that we allow ourselves to be so carefree. I wish we were able to be together more so that we could extend our times of absolute bliss, but it seemed it wasn’t to be.

Looking at you now and seeing what you have to say about some of the things going on in your life, and just your fucking beautiful face really has just made my face contort in admiration and awe.

Goddamn. Couldn’t be more beautiful or seductive with a single look if Venus tried. Feel free to talk/destroy me any time.

Your Huckleberry and OG Latin Boy,              John Burke


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