Delicious Jams- Volume I

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the music in our lives. Like goddamn music is amazing. Imagine life without that natural rhythm to it, a form of life that doesn’t allow for movement or emotion to be one in the same with sound. There are few things in the world that we humans have made that can just be considered straight up magic, and music is certainly one of them.

I love diversity in music, I try to listen to a lot of different styles that I think express or highlight some extremely specific emotion or state of mind. I try to listen to everything because of this, I have archives of hip-hop, rock, mo town, electronic, and other forms of music that I don’t know the correct names to, just so I can have something extensive to match whatever mood I’m feeling, or whatever mood I want to be. But I also actively attempt to search for different music because it seems that a lot of what I hear on the radio (which over half the stations are owned by the same few corporations) is all similar. If it’s not the same song literally played on five different stations at some point during the day, then it feels like it’s the same kind of “hype” music 24/7. Which I just don’t like to listen to all the time because I’m just not in that state of mind all the time ya know?

So that being said, I’m super excited to refer to you to some of the songs and general music that I personally love, giving you references to my music accounts as well as specific songs. I would love to make more of these as I go on to discover the different colors of music, so if these become of interest to anyone then do let me know. Making this,,, there are just too many, so I condensed the list to 25,,, I will make more.


Spotify- sir_italia

Soundcloud- issecondthebest


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to skip these:

Nimble Girl– Hotel Eden    …    Electronic, pulls you in with an amazing beginning that carries through, and vocals are in a cool echo. Electric piano adds a lot.

Hard Times– Baby Huey & the Babysitters    …    Rock/Groove, looming heavy beat that makes you want to be put in action, meaningful lyrics that are smooth and rhythmical. Passionate.

Strange– Patsy Cline    …    Mo Town, simple and elegant, Patsy’s voice is dreamy and just amazing, clean and clear lyrics that make it easy to sing along to

Big Toe- The Growlers    …    Rock, anything by The Growlers I recommend, this one keeps a perfect medium/fast pace, awesome sing along lyrics, close to angry compared to their others.

I’ll Be Around– The Growlers    …    Rock/Electronic, more electronic than their other works, a personal favorite, still has high elements of guitar but it uses electronic beats to make it nice and intensely groovy

Huey– Earl Sweatshirt    …    Hip-Hop, short, has an awesome elevator music type of beat that turns into something completely different with the passionate lyrics and extremely well timed flairs of something electronic

Mean Monsoon- Dan Auerbach    …   Rock, fantastic guitar that continues throughout the entire song, including beautiful solos, intoxicating and intense, powerful and jealous in nature

High Tiding– Nick Waterhouse    …    Rock, fuck me so good, smooth simple and sly, a voice that can drown you and chords that draw you in

Charlie Brown (feat. Blu) Scienze    …    Rap/Hip-Hop, high tone beats and cuts from actual Charlie Brown specials give it a light tone, extremely rhythmic and complex lyrics that made me want to learn them all, but isn’t overhype, manages to feel almost somber

True Love Will Find You In The End– Daniel Johnston    …    Rock/Blues, all of Daniel Johnston’s stuff is super simple, he’s actually a schizophrenic who’s a musical genius, a lot of repeats of the words, but it’s so good

Cocaine– Sleepwalkers    …    Rock/Alternative, just a happy light and bubbly song that you don’t realize is about cocaine until the amazing chorus

Da Superfriendz– Vast Aire    …    Rap/Hip-Hop, piano is the fucking jam in this song, starts with the god that is MF Doom and his smooth raps

Still Dope ft. Empress Starhh)- Doom    …    Rap, her destroyer raps just last the ENTIRE SONG, make you feel like you’ll be dope forever, and the random inserts of spanish make it work sO HaRd

Jaigantic- Galimatias Remix– Tora    …    Electronic, the guys smooth voice is matches perfectly with the rifts,, feels like the guy is trying to get his girl back and them passionate high chords help it out

Good As New– Vacationer    …    Electronic, highly repetative and easy to get stuck in your head, and it’s not a bad thing. High and happy

I Love You So The Walters    …    Rock/Alternative, one of the cutest songs I know, maaay make you want to fall in love

Rigamortus- Kendrick Lamar    …    Rap, if you’re a rap fan and you don’t know this song then you’re doing something wrong. Memorize it, appreciate it, be one in the same with it.

Cognac– Monster Rally & Jay Stone    …    Rap, hella pervy but genuinely and undeniably great, makes you want to want to groove hella hard

Breadcrumbs– Deca    …   Rap, has amazing inserts, lyrics are super clever and meaningful, and has a great beat

Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)– Ghostface Killah    …    Rap, has only a short segment of actual rapping, the rest of the song is the rifts and intense music, super hero themed that makes you feel like you’re in a comic book

Cheer Up– Smith Westerns    …    Alternative, romantic and soft with some electronic sounds that it passionate and almost sad, something you could cry to but in a good way

You Can Never Tell– Chuck Berry    …    Rock/Groove, the song that John Travolta and Uma Thermon danced to in Pulp Fiction, their dance moves are perfect and that scene is 100% in line with this songs vibes

Hotel California- The Eagles    …    Rock, a song that I’ve had nightmares about, creepy warm and inviting vibes that almost become sadistic with the lyrical meanings, still a grade A song tho

The Boss James Brown    …    Soul, I have so many James Brown songs that are the, but this one is wayy up there because it makes you feel like you’re the boss

Any Day Now– James Brown    …    Soul, starts slow, but when homeboy gets into it, he shows off his real intense singin chops, and his trumpets and band behind him just make it all the better


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