Dear Pen-Pal

Well gosh I almost hate to put you just as the “pen-pal” category, but I wanted to remind people because I’ve talked about you before. Lol I even thought of pretty sweet pseudo name for you I’m pretty proud of; “Wooden Soul”,,, maybe I should’ve used it… Oh well. Let’s talk about you dude, AAalLlL about you.

I hope we remain in touch. Seriously. Your stories seem a world away to me, and they kind of are. I’m lucky to have someone who tells me their gossip and troubles in a completely different setting, that’s what makes it fun in a way, something just as simple as a location change brings great fascination and intrigue ya know? Not to sound like I only care about your problems because you’re in a different place, not at all.! It just adds excitement of it for me as a listener. You’ll tell me about how you’re worried that during a bonfire, on a beach, somewhere in Italy, you drank too much wine and you’re a little worried that you’ll be viewed differently, and I can’t help but be like “damn that’s just cool.” I recognize that whatever you talk to me about isn’t exactly the most glamorous of problems or anything like that,, but at the moment you and your peers have such luxury and old grace in forms of entertaining yourself, that I’m always just fascinated to hear what you have next to tell. Every time you send me pictures, it makes me long for my future travels. Simple shit like a heard of goats on a mountain road, or an overlook of the Mediterranean that has seated endless people, or a an overly expensive greeting card that for some reason has just the most beautiful art, OR JUST ALL OF THE ART AND GENERAL HISTORY OF WHERE YOU ARE LIKE DAMN. Love it all.

I told you briefly about my intentions on traveling in my last letter,,, which I was overall very proud of by the way… I want you to know I’m serious. I think we should very well go around whatever familiar territory you have around Italy, and maybe other parts of Europe too. You have extreme determination, and you want to be a force of good in the world,,, you’ve blown me away with the lengths you are willing to go; when you told me you gave a speech about some kind of gender rights (for some reason I’m thinking about Floridas trans bathroom issue?) I was seriously proud and impressed. I’m honored to know someone who is not afraid to speak and organize about what they are deeply passionate and concerned about even when there’s opposition. It’s in ways like this,, and when you seem to show genuine interest in me and compliment me on my blog and genuinely gave me very insightful critiques,,, that I think I’m doing something right and that we would work well together in some kind of fashion.

We are on differing paths, or maybe we aren’t,, maybe we’re just different breeds of people who see that we will converge at some point… I don’t know, this might all be completely one sided… But something like my imagination is telling me that we might work very close together at some point, that we might try to create something or try to solve a problem. I want that to happen, and I want us to stay in touch and continue to be friends until that day comes.

Lol “Sometimes I feel like we’re two famous people who people don’t imagine being friends,,, but are actually sUCH FRIENDS.” I mean it too I totally feel that way whenever I get one of your packages. I can’t wait to get another, and scramble for something that seems to even approach your level of care and thought to send back.


Your Friend, and your Shakespeare Duet Partner,,       Kentucky John


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