Some Substances

For the longest time I was not interested at all in drinking or in using any recreational drugs. It was apart of my warrior delusion,, I wanted to be vigilant and be at my physical and mental apex always, just to be sure I was always able to do whatever I needed to do. But eventually I grew out of that mindset. My framing that doing something that turns one into something weaker and dumber than their sober self,, started to look extremely redundant when I looked at what I am surrounded by. I don’t live in a dangerous place, I’m not surrounded by things that make me fear for my life, and I have great access to safe and comfortable spaces. I realized that there was hardly a need for me to be constantly wary and on alert,, and that there were better people on that job.

Currently,,, I quite enjoy myself some recreational substances, and I enjoy being with people while (and after) I take them. There are reasons why I choose to take some and there are reasons why I don’t,,, and while it all can kind of boil down to how you personally feel and think about them, I would like to try to explain what it means to me to do these things.

Any drug, whether it be alcohol or something else,, has the ability to make you different than when you’re sober. It literally inhibits or stimulates parts of your brain,, parts of you,, and makes you become someone just a little different. And if you want to be philosophical or spiritual about it,, it’s fascinating that you can become something else than what you already are,, and still be able to return back. If one takes their time to understand this, then they can get great insights about themselves,, insight that is both close, because it’s still you, and distant because it’s something you’d never be able to see when you’re sober.

That being said, there are vastly different experiences between these things, and that’s the interesting part about it… If you look at alcohol, you’ll easily notice these differences. There are beers, wines, rums, bourbons, vodkas, tequilas, and thousands,, probably millions of variations between each of them. Enthusiasts will tell you that there is not only a flavor and experiential difference between each of them, but also a history behind each and every one. It’s the oldest and largest recreational substance in the world, and it’s survived and made it’s way through every shortage, drought, prohibition, and lack of materials since it’s inception thousands of years ago. Every social class drinks it. It can be produced and treated with great elegance and grace as much as it can be at home in a slum or in a trailer park. But it takes a harsh physical toll. Being drunk physically doesn’t feel all that great, hangovers in general are shitty, but so is alcohol poisoning, and liver failure. It’s extremely harmful to your body to be alcoholic, and the younger you are when you begin drinking to more likely you are to have developmental problems.

Marijuana on the other hand, seems to oddly be the opposite.. It has been shown time and time again to be physically safer to the body than alcohol and tobacco, with an almost zero percent chance of getting something like throat or lung cancer even if smoked more than once a week for years. It has no addictive chemicals in it that bring out withdrawal symptoms. Being high can sometimes have different effects on people, though it usually boils down to either having a “normal” high or a high of great anxiety. But if your body has a normal response to the stimulant then you usually feel pretty relaxed. (Moderation is always the key for any drug) So yeah being too high is not great either, but honestly still better than being too drunk in my opinion. But the main thing that bums me out, is that even though it’s been proven to be even safer than something like tobacco, it’s still illegal in many parts of the U.S. for old political farming reasons, and was marketed as unhealthy and bad in the most ridiculous and racist of ways. Because of this, there is no elegant culture that surrounds it. It doesn’t have what alcohol has. There’s no higher (lol) echelon of marijuana enthusiasts that aren’t treated with disgust,, because it’s still something that’s largely illegal here and thus has no room for a luxurious and wealthier form to take hold.

And while I’m not saying it’s not necessary for marijuana to reach that level in society, I think it would at least be representative of a better shift of attitude in the U.S. One that, if taught correctly, can be a much more understanding and can bring a more enlightened view of drugs and who we are as humans to take them. Who knows maybe a better DARE program is what we need. (lol when a program is so bad that stoners love wearing their old DARE shirts and buttons as a joke)

But in all honesty,,, I just want to smoke with more people. It’s a fun, cheap activity that makes me feel good (and honestly just cool), and allows me to have interesting conversations with people who may not be so curious or articulate when they’re sober. It genuinely has no more reason to be considered bad or dangerous than alcohol does,, and in mine and many other peoples opinion, even less so. And perhaps the most important thing that a person can learn with their experiences with drugs, is their own power lies within being able to resist any temptation of stronger and much more dangerous drugs. Know your shit, before you try anything. Find someone you trust before you begin to experiment and discover. It’s a fine tool for understanding things, whether it be other people, or just different crazy ways of thinking,,,, but know that in this time where people are really trying to sell before regulation (from increasing legality) starts, it might be more likely that you’ll be screwed over or tempted to try something harder and more expensive.

Know yourself, above all. Don’t let something that can be as fun or as enlightening as drugs consume you. We all know people who are just far too focused on it and no longer consider it to be something of a hobby,, and that can be sad to see ya know.? Maybe if the conditions were different then those people would be of the highest echelon of recreational drug service. Maybe they would’ve had a small farm where they grow their own special variations, a nice house, a luxury good store where they sell specialty pieces made of copper or some shit I don’t know. It’s genuinely sad that we as an American culture only view drug addicts as sad burnouts when there are extremely complex reasons (some being political) that they’re even in that position.

I didn’t smoke until later in life (comparatively), and I’m glad I did. I think that if I didn’t, then it would take me some considerable time to understand the purpose of it, and I would sound like another massive, inarticulate person who does drugs (and pressures you to) all the time just because they can.

So final advise? Be careful, and try to do it for the right reasons and remember often why you’re doing it that way. Oh, and of course, call me whenever you wanna get hella buttery.



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