Understanding More

This thought came to me exactly at 10:32 p.m. 1/12/17

I think I’m starting to see the scope of intensity of strength of will, intelligence, and experience that makes people great.

From their very beginnings, every master-to-be is built with an intelligence. There’s one real intelligence and skill that lies with these people; it’s this intelligence that allows them to easily see the ordinary,,,, they see everything that has come before, see the emotions that people have behind things, see the mob mentality that afflicts people. And they want to do something to it. For whatever reason. Whether they think what they’re doing is funny, they think it true, they think it new, they think it a statement, they think it’s just them being them, or they are just doing something that just feels natural, or that what they’re adding or subtracting from the ordinary they see is an expression of themselves,,, in the end it becomes a statement of challenge, even if not on purpose.

If noticed,, it becomes something that the general and unaccepting public will view as a challenge.  They’ll view it as something that is purposefully trying to force change,, that someone is trying to force whatever aspect of their lives to become something else. And they think that because they don’t understand the original intentions, and they don’t know how this new thing,,, this new way of life, new product, this reinvention, or this painting,,, is supposed to lead them to this new understanding.

But it must be remembered that there is no point in being angry at these misunderstanding people, after all. They just don’t get what’s going on, they don’t see the connection, they haven’t been led down this pathway that is sometimes truly pioneered by these masters of crafts, these people who change the status quo. Whether it be from the fault of the “artist” for somehow not making their work accessible enough, or from a deep rooted personal confusion and conflict of ideologies that lies with a specific individual,,, the frustration of the misunderstanding masses is to not be treated with anger. Rather than give up, or tell the world or themselves that their work is too revolutionary to be understood, or something else,,, these masters should instead work to make their own work understood. And sometimes the only way to do that, is to have other masters of craft help them, have other great minds who see what their soul is and see the ordinary that they’re attempting to change.

I think there’s a lot to think about and learn from these people and the changes they bring when they (either accidental or not) change the status quo. These individuals are often fascinating,, their life, their ideals, their attitude, the way they carry themselves, etc…. But also how they came to bring about change,, why they felt they needed to do it and how they did it. Sometimes it’s immediate sometimes it’s not.

I’m tired of talking in generalities so lets look at some real examples;

Van Gogh was filled with sadness and depression at points many points in his life, and was a painter by heart. At some point it became second nature for him to vent his abstractions and his emotions onto his art, and he rarely painted with the intention to sell because few were interested in purchasing his work. The abstractions in his self portraits and in Starry Night and in some of his landscapes, show that even if he wasn’t challenging any kind of system or established rule,, he was being brave to express what he thought was something accurate to the human experience.

Jackson Pollock was a painter who had the bravery to make the statement that “this is my artwork in this style.” He already knew the techniques of others, and he knew what he was doing when he one day decided to let his paint fly. He saw how just about everyone before him restricted themselves to an extremely diligent form of art that demanded time, work, patience of strokes and foresight, and he asked himself “what was the best way to skip that.?” The result turned into a passionate, new kind of art-form that swept the 50’s, and made a change in the abstract scene of art. He saw what was being done before, he saw how he could do something different that still made sense to him,, and he had the bravery to say what was his right from the beginning of brandishing himself.

Massimo Bottura, the Italian chef, makes beautiful recreations of the strict and homemade style in Italian fine dining, which was never done before. His vision was focused on what it always is, the ingredients, but he purposefully turns it into “an art exhibit of pigeons shitting on other art”. His food is not only delicious(which what else would you expect of a man who runs the third best restaurant in the world) but the presentation and the form of it very often makes jokes of fine dining and what it means to eat.

Dan Barber,, another chef but from New York,, has spent the last couple of decades understanding what it means to eat from the ground up, and has constantly been building the truest form of life at his farm, in order to naturally experiment with what it means to eat from the earth. He teams up with animal and plant breeders in order to adjust the qualities of what will eventually be food for his patrons to eat. Surprisingly, he’s one of the (if not the) first to do this, becoming wildly successful and revered for his care and understanding of what we as humans, and as animals, put in our bodies.

Niki Nakayama,, aNothER chef, in California,,, this girl is fucking hard core. She’s decided to take on the challenge of knowing everything that every customer of hers has ever had, and bases her twists of traditional Japanese course meals, off the different things they have eaten. Even making sure that an 8 year old will have something reminiscent of something they had the last time they visited her restaurant. Not only using the power of nostalgia in her meals, but she also redefines the most traditional aspects of her Japanese cuisine, blending it with her aesthetic and her most the most complimentary ingredients.

(I can talk a lot about chefs… thanku Chefs Table..)

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein,, journalists who were made famous for their reporting on and during the Watergate scandal. While it might not sound difficult to report on something that they had a source for, they made a critical choice of keeping Deep Throat’s identity a secret, which set a standard in the world of journalism. These guys made a hella important statement in reporting that said “it doesn’t matter where the information came from, so long as it’s true.” Which it was so.

…I was attempting to be as diverse as possible, but that was kind of a mess I apologize… There are literally so many fucking smart and brave people to count,,, I not only want to know their full stories but I just want other people to know about because they’re amazing and have done so much. There are so many people who have come before, that have set standards. Their work was so great and their philosophy so inspiring,, sometimes having disciples to build upon it and create rules, reasons, and practices for how to follow it. And don’t be confused with maybe how I’ve been phrasing what I think about these “geniuses” or “masters” or fucking whatever stupid thing I’ve been naming these incredibly intelligent people that have changed the status quo for the betterment of themselves and the people around them. They can be from any path in life. They can be politicians or artists or journalists or computer programmers or editors or smiths or farmers or fashion designers or aNyTHiNg. And it seems to be the person that can understand and draw inspiration from every field in life that finds the most unique ways to change the status quo.

I admire those that have created before me. They just did what was natural to them, and they did it with things much less effective than I have access to. But I think I admire more those that are still finding themselves able to break forward, and still able to create and express themselves in some way that is STILL different than something that has been done before. I’m amazed with these people, because they have this accumulation of knowledge, this understanding of what has come before them, and so frequently see the small nuances of what can be done differently. STILL. Still, even after 12000 years of human existence we are able to find out different, unique and creative ways of doing shit. They find their bravery to do what they do with the help from their fellow geniuses and it blows me away every single time.


I’m not sure where I fit into things like this. I have grandiose imaginings of myself as being at this same intellectual and romantic and oversightful level as some of these people, these people who have not only found satisfaction and fulfillment in what they have decided to do,, but also are great at it and have helped others and have changed the environment of what they do, and for the better. I feel like I understand them sometimes, or at least their work and what they’re trying to do with it,, and I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if I’m on their level or if they’re just so genius that they can reach everyone so easily. And it’s because of things like this that make me confused about how in the fUcK I should approach the rest of my life. What ways am I going to choose to express myself.

Well I guess I’ve already started this shitty blog so. There’s that.


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