Dream Girl

“I’m curious as to what you’re idea of a perfect girl is. I’ve never heard a dude’s honest perspective on it.”

Many men aren’t very open.

“Huh. I mean honestly no one’s perfect. I get it. I mean I’m a guy who’s never had a relationship that’s lasted longer than a month but I know when two people decide to be together for some amount of time it’s not always easy. I don’t imagine my dream girl to be without problems, I imagine my dream girl having her problems melt away when she’s with me. And vise versa. I imagine being so attracted to her that every time I see her I’d want to just hug and touch her without having to let go. I imagine not ever feeling the need to be strong in front or for her, but instead both of us wanting to be strong together so we can both have whatever we want. Whenever I imagine being content, my phantom girl is always with me.”


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