a title about the 16th of february

I have about 5 posts that I haven’t finished. I have too much time on my hands. And I’m focusing on some of the wrong things.

I have a Valentines Day post that I nearly finished but I didn’t like what I said because it wasn’t substantial,, now I’ve added to it and it’s a mess. I have a post on my religious views that’s huge, but is written in a really strange kind of tone and perspective. I’m unsure how to feel about these two things.

I’m constantly trying to remind myself of oversight, and of the bigger picture. It’s not only sometimes difficult to constantly think in that way, but it’s also a huge challenge of interpretation and what to fixate on.

Remind myself that every day is a step. A block. A mere 24 hours. I’m allowed to do whatever I please if it doesn’t shatter the whole thing.

But I don’t know. I don’t feel like writing at the moment. I feel pretentious. Looked down upon. Nothing worthy. The structure I’m trying to frame for myself with this oversight can make me feel lonely. I’ve only had people along with me for such an extent of it. I want more people to be as open as I really try to be. I always have this restraint though, and it’s stupid. Even if it is human.


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